Zong Advance Balance Code | Zong Loan Code 2023

Running out of phone balance during urgent situations can be incredibly frustrating. Zong, a telecom provider committed to providing top-notch services, understands its users’ needs. With Zong Loan Code service, you can now stay connected even when your balance is low. In this article, we’ll explore how you can easily obtain an instant loan for calls, SMS, and internet usage through Zong’s convenient methods.

How to Take Loan in Zong – 2023

Zong Advance Balance Code | Zong Loan Code 2023


For a Zong Advance Loan to get an instant loan for making calls, sending SMS, and surfing the internet. In order to better serve its customers, Zong users can also apply for a Super Advance loan for an increased amount.

There are three methods of getting loan from zong:

1. Through Code

Getting an advance loan through the code method is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Dial *911# from your Zong prepaid SIM.
  2. Wait for the service confirmation message.
  3. Enjoy instant credit that lets you make calls, send SMS, and use the internet without interruption.

2. Through SMS

For those who prefer simplicity, the SMS method is a popular choice:

  • Send a blank SMS to 6911.
  • Receive your advance credit promptly.
  • Continue using Zong services seamlessly.

3. Through Zong App

The My Zong App is a user-friendly way to access Zong’s advance loan:

    • Download the My Zong App.
    • Navigate to the loan section on the home screen.
    • Tap the “Get Loan” button.
    • Note: You can avail the advance loan twice before your next successful recharge.

Zong Loan Charges

The advance loan charges vary based on the type of loan and customer category:

  • Single Advance Loan: PKR 15 with a service charge of 4.5 + tax.
  • Two Standard Advance Loans: PKR 30 with a service charge of 9 + tax.
  • Single Super Advance Loan: PKR 30 with a service charge of 8 + tax.
  • Two Super Advance Loans: PKR 60 with a service charge of 16 + tax.

Terms and Conditions

Zong has designed its advance loan service to cater to different customer segments:

  • Customers who’ve recharged over PKR 660 in the last three months can avail a Super Advance Loan of PKR 60 (PKR 30/loan transaction per recharge).
  • Customers with a recharge history of less than PKR 660 in the past 3 months can avail a PKR 30 loan (PKR 15/loan transaction per recharge).
  • Each recharge allows for up to two Advance Loan transactions.
  • Different service charges apply to standard and super-advanced customers.


Q. What is the Zong Advance Loan amount?

  • Standard value customers: PKR 30 (PKR 15 per attempt).
  • High-value customers: PKR 60 (PKR 30 per attempt).
  • Maximum two advance loan transactions per recharge. 

Q. What are the service charges of Zong Advance Loan

  • Low-value customers: PKR 4.5 + Tax/loan transaction.
  • High-value customers: PKR 8 + Tax/loan transaction.


Q. How to take Super Advance Loans?

  • Customers who’ve recharged at least PKR 660 in the last three months are eligible.
  • Both Super Advance Loans must be activated individual

Q. What is the payback amount?

  • Normal Advance Loan (PKR 30): Minimum recharge of PKR 50 required.
  • Super Advance Loan (PKR 60): Minimum recharge of PKR 100 required.

Q. Who can avail Advance Loan?

  • Advance loans are available only to Zong prepaid users.

Zong’s Advance Loan service ensures that you’re never caught off guard by a low balance. With multiple convenient methods and transparent charges, Zong continues to prioritize customer satisfaction. Stay connected, even during emergencies, with Zong’s reliable and user-friendly advance loan service.

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