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Are you running low on balance and need an immediate solution? Telenor has got you covered with its Telenor Advance Balance Code 2023, a convenient way to obtain an advance balance whenever you need it. Whether you’re facing an urgent situation or just need a quick top-up, Telenor’s Emergency Load service ensures you stay connected without any interruption. In this article, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to subscribe to Telenor Advance Balance and provide essential details about this service.

Telenor Advance Balance Subscription Process

Telenor Advance Balance Code 2023 is designed to offer Telenor prepaid mobile customers an easy solution to maintain their communication needs, even when their balance is critically low. Here’s how you can subscribe to this service:

  1. Dial *0# from your Telenor prepaid mobile.
  2. A nominal charge of Rs 3.5 (including tax) will be deducted from your account upon successful subscription.

Telenor Advance Balance Benefits

Telenor Advance provides users with an advance amount of Rs. 15 if their balance drops below Rs. 15. This feature ensures that you can make essential calls, send messages, and use data even when your account balance is insufficient. The process is hassle-free and can be initiated anytime and anywhere with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Telenor Emergency Load

For those times when you need more than just an advance balance, Telenor Emergency Load service comes to your rescue. With this service, you can avail a loan of Rs. 15.00, which can be used for all prepaid services, except balance transfer. This means you can continue enjoying uninterrupted communication services until you’re able to recharge your account.

Eligibility and Charges

Both Telenor and Djuice customers are eligible to benefit from the Telenor Advance Balance Code 2023 and Telenor Emergency Load services. However, it’s important to note that service charges are applicable upon loan return. This ensures that you can conveniently use the loaned amount and pay it back once your balance is recharged.


What is Telenor loan code?

Ans. Just dial *0# to get Telenor emergency load.

How can I repay my Telenor loan?

Ans. You can now manage your Telenor Bank loan completely through your easypaisa app. You can repay your loan installment through the “TMB Loan” feature with a single tap. The feature shows you details regarding your installmen.

How can I check my Telenor advance balance?

Ans. How can I check details about my Emergency Load Balance? Balance can be checked via standard balance inquiry USSD code *444# which will be charged at Rs. 0.20+tax.

How can I get mobile balance loan?

Ans. Emergency Talktime Loan for all Major Network

  1. Option 1: Send SMS with text “CREDIT” to 144.
  2. Option 2: Call 1241 from your mobile and select 1 as a loan option.
  3. That’s it you will get Rs. 10 loan amount.


In a world where staying connected is crucial, Telenor Advance Balance Code 2023 and the Telenor Emergency Load service offer a lifeline to users facing low balance emergencies. The simplicity of subscribing to these services and the flexibility they provide in maintaining communication make them indispensable for Telenor prepaid customers. With a quick dial of *0#, you can access an advance balance or an emergency loan, ensuring that you’re never left disconnected.

Stay connected with Telenor’s reliable services and say goodbye to the worry of running out of balance at inconvenient times. Subscribe to Telenor Advance Balance Code 2023 and Telenor Emergency Load today, and experience seamless communication like never before.

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