Hello This Side Munawar Khan MUNAWAR EDITS. So I am going to share the awesome video on the youtube channel regarding photo editing, and also regarding the Lightroom Presets.

So if you are going to having problems with how to edit your own pictures through mobile applications then you need to go through our Official YouTube Channel MUNAWAR EDITS.

I am a creator who is sharing informative videos regarding editing so this blog is related to share all the background png and text png which will be used in the editing too.

What is the Aim of This Website?

We know you have visited here and looking for the terms that what is this page and why it is important?. So guys I want to tell you that it is an informative blog that contains all editing and photo editing stuff too.

This blog has contained background and text png, and available here the informative things regarding photo editing.

So if you will getting problems having the background png then contact us through the Contact us page.

If you want to read more about us then you can go here:- Read More About Us

Where to get data?

All the images and background png which we are sharing on this blog are self-created and we do not copy anyone else things to hurt their policy.

When we drop any of the videos on the YouTube channel, Peoples and our Subscribers ask for the background png, So we just give them background png to download.

Our Source is offline, so we always try that we can not hurt anyone’s policy. Hope you will understand the context of this website.