About Us

Hello And Welcome to My Website that is MUNAWAR EDITS. I am Munawar Khan from Punjab Pakistan, I am Photo Editor and really to give you all the best editing tips and tricks so you can create your photo editing.

In this blog, You are going to know how to edit your photo with new Tricks and many exciting things that will share me in the future.

Actually, the aim is to create this blog is to give you value about photo editing, retouching, and how to use all the applications on the mobile, and all that.

I have two YouTube Channels That have 250k+ YouTube Subscribers, So many of them requested me the background png that I use to create editing.

On the MUNAWAR EDITS, I am going to share all the background Png and also the Lightroom Presets So don’t forget to subscribe to me on YouTube Channel also going to Share here My Channel and Other Details.

YouTube:- https://www.youtube.com/c/MUNAWAREDITS

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/munawar_edits/?igshid=19qgh23bup2ag

My Brother Channel

2nd Channel is my Brother Channel

2nd YouTube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp4A1Au-7s6YCdRawJ9Ensg

Thinking about creating new concepts on photo editing. So let’s come on the channels.

About This Blog?

I have shared lots of things about this blog, and in the future, I am going to promise that all the photo editing background png and latest editing stuff will become on this web page.

I will give you all the latest background png and all the editing-related stuff so you can create your editing on your own to get the tutorial as well as on the channel.

What is our motto?

I know you are thinking about what is our moto actually, After giving the best editing tutorial on the YouTube channel I decided to give the best editing background png on Munawar Edits.

Hope in the future you will love to have this background png,s.

Why it is helpful for you?

I know you also do editing on a daily basis. Because it is like a part of life. Creating creative stuff is always like having an awesome environment around you.

So if you do Photo Editing on a daily basis then this blog really helps you a lot to make your Own Photo Editing, Retouching and colour grading also so stay tuned with us.